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About Us

Merging our farm lives together in 2013, we are proud to bring forward a Hereford/Angus commercial herd. We are working hard to perfect a herd that is maternal, strong boned, easy fleshing and most importantly mindful. A lot of thought has went into the genetics of our herd through the last 3 generations of our family to get us where we are today.

We both work together on the farm while juggling a full time job each off the farm. Lots of people ask us when we have time to see each other, especially in the spring. Well the truth is we probably spend about 15 minutes in the evening watching t.v. "relaxing" or catching up on the days events but that usually is cut short by a much needed snooze. We love our life style more than anything and that's how Dyanna's photography talents started to emerge. When she did have down time she would spend it photographing the farm life and using her sister as a model. Now she has taken photos at multiple events, for families, graduations and engagements to name a few.

"The future belongs to those of us, still willing to get our hands dirty."

Contact Us

Box 215

Enilda, Alberta

T0G 0W0 Canada

Dyanna at 780-536-6046

Matt at 780-536-7125

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