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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms of Farm Service

When and Where do I get my Bouquets?

Your bouquet will be delivered to you, right to your door step or work place. Wherever you will be within a 30 km radius of High Prairie. If this changes week to week that's okay! As long as we have at least 24hrs notice we can easily change our drop off route to accommodate you!

What if I wont be around to collect my flowers?

If you aren't home we can still do drop-offs but suggest finding a place that is out of the elements (no one likes a soaking wet flower bouquet, or one that is wilted from the sun and heat). These special instructions can be left in the notes section on the check out page. You can also send us and email to make arrangements.

What if we are away on a vacation?

You have the option of gifting your bouquet to family or friends! If you have someone who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary or just needs a pick me up, we can deliver right to them (as long as they are within our delivery restrictions of course). If you can't think of anyone who is deserving of one of these wonderful arrangements let us know and we would be happy to make suggestions!

Can I decide what flowers are included in my subscription bouquet?

Unfortunately, no at this time we can not take special requests, hopefully at a future date we can offer something like this. But be sure to check your emails from us as we may have an abundance of certain varieties and are hoping to offer market bunches. and of course our CSA partners will be the first to hear about it!

Can I buy a CSA or a subscription as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! When filling out the notes section at check out be sure to include the person's name/phone number! We are always happy to accommodate gifts!

What can I expect and how long will a bouquet last?

This is a bit of a loaded question, there are a lot of variants to it. Some flowers such as sweet peas have a very short vase life and typically only last a few days where as other flowers such as zinnias last as long as two weeks! Vase life also depends a lot on vase location, if the vase is located near a window, in the sun, the heat will deteriorate the longevity of the flowers. it's best to keep an arrangement in an area away from the sun and heat. Another thing that may deteriorate the longevity is lack of fresh water. A great tip is so make sure you give your bouquet fresh water everyday, when you do this you will cut the bottom of the stems off about 1/2" each time. This allows the stem to open back up to stay hydrated.

How do I care for my flowers once they are delivered?

When you get your arrangement from us it will have fresh water and food in the vase, so the first 24hrs you don't need to do anything. Along with your arrangement you will get a couple packs of flower food for when you refresh the water. simply follow the directions on the package and enjoy!

What is included in the CSA/Subscription price?

Our CSA price includes the bouquets for the allotted weeks you choose, 2 vases that we will alternate using through your CSA duration(you get to keep these once the CSA season is compete), a couple of packets of flower food for each week and delivery to any location within 30km of High Prairie (location from week to week can be changes, but changes must be made 24hrs prior to delivery).

Can I get additional bouquets delivered with my CSA/Subscription?

Of Course! 3 days notice is required for add-on bouquets and availability of the flowers will change from week to week but we will create something beautiful for you and we can discuss what is available at this time!

For CSA only: What if we have bad weather or the crop is affected by pests? Can I get a refund?

When you sign up for a CSA you are taking the risk with the farmer, 90% of our crop is grown outdoor and can be damaged in severe weather. If pests or diseases occur we will do our best to reduce losses in a natural way, we will not use herbicides or pesticides on our flower crop. What we will do is use biological controls and man power to reduce damages. We will absolutely try our best to make up for the losses we have with other options or an extension of weeks. Refunds will be given in extreme situations beyond any control of ours.

What are the benefits of a CSA program?

  • Beautiful, high quality, locally grown flowers

  • Flowers that are naturally grown without herb or pesticides.

  •  Your contribution is helping stimulate the local economy and support our family.

  • You will learn about what can be grown in our area and it may even inspire you to start/expand your own garden.

  • You will be the first to know about any market bunches that become available throughout the season.

If at any time a CSA member is abusive in any way towards our family or staff, your CSA will be cancelled for the year without refund. Our safety and yours is our number one priority.

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