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Our Commercial Herd

Merging our farm lives together in 2013, we are proud to bring forward a Hereford/Angus commercial herd. We are working hard to prefect a herd that is maternal, strong boned, easy fleshing and most importantly mindful. A lot of thought has went into the genetics of our herd through the last 3 generations of our family to get us where we are today.

"The future belongs to those of us, still willing to get our hands dirty."

Contact us if you are looking for some beautiful cross bred heifers, either replacements or bred. When selecting which heifers are going to enter our herd program we base our selection on the quality of the animal and not the number of cattle we want to retain. Quality over quantity is our priority!


Our history and the turning point in our herd that puts us that step ahead of the average commercial producer started in 2019. In 2019 we pushed our cows hard, the last group to calve were the heifers. They started in May, we turned the bulls out in June for 60 days. Anything that wasn't bred we shipped. Our philosophy behind that was we knew that the second  year of calving is always the hardest for a cow, if  we cut our bottom end out there is no reason that each and  every one of these cows can't last 15 or more years. 2020 we had bred the herd to create as many bald face calves as possible, when calving was said and done, 84% of the calves had the bald face. Breeding season in 2020 was set up the same, the only difference was we added more bull power and performance to the herd, we could not have been happier. With pastures being on slim growth through the drought we utilized rotational grazing and were able to add an average of 20lb per calf come weaning.

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