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Our  Purebreds

It has been a long time coming, but finally after 7 years of researching genetics, reading through articles, looking at animals we have finally decided it was time to expand our bovine in a bit of a different direction. We decided to invest in some ET (embryo transfer) heifers to further advance our genetics and expand the ranch a little bit more. Doing so allowed us to bring in some far superior genetics for raising future heifers and bulls in our area. We are looking forward to seeing what the ladies can do for us next year. Wish us luck with this leap into what feels like a different world!

In the meantime while the ladies are growing ( and growing babies), here are some photos of the Big Guns (our purebred bulls) we have on the ranch. you may be wondering why purebreds are so important to us when it comes to the bulls, well let me tell you. It's crucial to the longevity of our herd. By knowing their EPDs (expected progeny differences) we can better educate ourselves on what that bulls babies should look like, in size when it comes out to what it will wean like in the fall and even what kind of milk production will be expected when the heifers reach adulthood and raise calves of their own. This way we can give the cows a bull that is best suited for them so they aren't straining to birth or raise the calf, ultimately helping prolong the lives of the breeding cows.

"The future belongs to those of us, still willing to get our hands dirty."

Herd Sires


This spring we also picked up RCHR Acclaim 33H. He's an impressive yearling who is going to make some stand out Angus females for our future. He's out of JINDRA Acclaim  and RCHR Nanny 53B.

Breeding Females

Photos coming soon!

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